A Christmas tree PCB ornament

It is soon Christmas and I am facing the very same, yearly recurring problem: What gifts to buy! I generally prefer gifts to have a personal touch and was always fascinated by some personalized keychains I would receive from my uncle who has a milling machine. This Christmas, I did some timely planning and created a bunch of interactive electronic ornaments, shaped like Christmas trees!

An autonomous wheelchair meets Li Keqiang

When AVR meets AR, an autonomous wheelchair is born that gets to be introduced to the Chinese Premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang, during the 2016 Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship week in Shenzhen!

Turning software engineers into Makers

For the last few months, I was employed part time at the University of Gothenburg and helped to introduce the maker culture into an undergraduate Software Engineering course. But, let’s take it from the beginning…

Phishing WiFi hotspots with captive portals

Are you using a paid Wifi hotspot service, which allows you to have Internet on various spots around the country? This convenience could come at a cost! If you are not careful enough, you might fall victim to – an easy to implement – phishing attack, therefore revealing your username and password to perpetrators. What is worse, is that the essential components cost around 30$ and can be hidden in one’s pocket! Want to learn how this can be done so you can tackle such attacks? Read on…. DISCLAIMER: This article does not intend to facilitate phishing attacks or any other kind of illegal activities. The misuse of information contained in this article CAN bring criminal charges against you. The author will not be held responsible if criminal charges are brought against any persons utilizing any information related to this article, to break the law. DO NOT try to reproduce the scenario demonstrated in this article, with networks and devices you do not own, unless otherwise expressly permitted. The author has exclusively run this experiment on private premises and equipment. This paradigm, inspired by academic interest on IT security, merely points out the risks to the confidentiality of data, submitted via WiFi access points that require their users to […]