Skonaki: Turn video into cheatsheets

17 October 2023

skonaki logo

Study smarter, not harder by creating cheatsheets out of videos with skonaki.

skonaki is a command line tool that takes a path (or a URL) to a video or audio file and produces a list of bullet points with the most important information from the video. The bullet points are accompanied by timestamps, in case you need to refer back to the video and check a specific part for yourself. You can determine how often you would like to “sample” the video and, if you choose, you could take control of the cheatsheet generation process by providing your own prompts.
While skonaki cannot and should not replace studying, it can accelerate your learning process by allowing you to quickly go through recordings and produce a set of notes that you can further refine and study from.

skonaki uses OpenAI’s Whisper model to transcribe the audio from the video and then gpt-3.5-turbo to create the cheatsheet. Compared to similar tools, mostly web-based, skonaki produces output that is more appropriate for studying.

Check out the video below to see skonaki in action: