Captivating captions with Phonix

23 October 2023

a robot transcribing a human

Remember Phonix? The Python program that uses OpenAI’s API to generate captions for videos? Well, it just got a new feature allowing to create even more captivating captions!

Phonix is a Python program that uses OpenAI’s Whisper model to generate captions for videos. Now it got several new features that allow you to produce very captivating captions for your videos.
These features are typically found in paid video editing software, for example the automatic highlighting of the currently spoken word, but Phonix is free and open source.

My favorite new features are:

  • Highlighting the currently spoken word
  • Limiting the amount of words per caption

With these two features, you can create captions that are more engaging and easier to follow.
Check out the video below to see Phonix in action: